A box set of Pilates DVDs that is geared for all types of Pilates ‘practitioners’. Although when looking through the various reviews of the Pilates for Beginners and Beyond some comment that the approach used is on the slow slide. We disagree with this as the content within these Pilates DVDs is geared to create that solid foundation of doing the exercises correctly and effectively.

Using a well structured set of instructions, as contained within the Pilates for Beginners and Beyond box set allows one to get the maximum benefit of the exercises, whilst focusing on technique and processes that Pilates is so well known for and what makes this form of exercise so effective.

One of the key benefits (and advantages) of this specific set of Pilates DVDs is that it is really suited to everyone, although with more bias to the beginner, the range of exercises is extensive and comprehensive.

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Pilates for Beginners and Beyond