It is worth mentioning that some pundits feel that Pilates equipment is often times miscategorized, or misnamed, especially by the newcomer. Although this is in no way a big deal, you may encounter minor criticisms when referring to specific equipment in certain terms. 

According to well-established authors on this subject, the usage of the term “machine” is not entirely desirable, this is attributed back to the Pilates elders.1 Rather the usage of the term apparatus is more acceptable, and apt when it comes to ‘describing’, especially, the reformer, as an example.

Classification or Categorization of Pilates Equipment

It is clearly obvious that we get Pilates equipment that falls within the broader categories of large or small. The former pertaining mostly to the apparatus items of Reformers, Cadillacs, Chairs and the like, with the latter referring to the items that can be carried around, or can be referred to as portable, of which would include mats, circles and so on.




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