As an anaerobic form of exercise, specifically designed for the increase in strength and flexibility of your core muscles, Pilates is suitable for all ages, genders and people seeking to improve their wellbeing. This applies to anyone ready to take the next step with Pilates exercises accessible in any place and practically any time.

One of the greatest joys of Pilates is that it is not limited to the already athletic or conditioned person, and the nature of Pilates exercises allows both old and young to increase their core strength and flexibility, with little or no dependence on equipment. Pilates exercises do not put unnecessary strain or exertion on the body, or the heart – which makes it ideal for all ages, and fitness levels.

So why is Pilates a Great Option for you?


The benefit of flexibility is related to prevention of injury, briefly discussed below, however you need to understand that Pilates exercises form the basis of increasing flexibility by not only strengthening your muscles but lengthening muscles too. This is the opposite of other typical anaerobic exercises such as weightlifting or body building, which target the muscles differently and actually shorten the muscles within the bulking up of the targeted muscles and muscle groups. Elongated and flexible muscles are more resilient to injury and therefore go a long way in the prevention of muscle injury, and with more flexibility and elasticity, movement becomes easier too.

Mind and Body Approach

Pilates is considered a holistic approach to wellbeing, which incorporates specific breathing during routines and thereby imparting benefits to both mind and body throughout the workout routine. Practically everything about Pilates involves the alignment and centering of the body, which in turn extends to the mind, and thereby promoting wellness across the two ‘entities’. Learning to control one’s movements imparts the discipline associated to this to the mind, and in turn exercises the mind within this aspect of control, allowing one to achieve focus with both mind and body. An additional focus on breathing locks the mind body approach together, as this training brings one into an almost meditative and relaxed state, whilst achieving the real benefits of the physical exercise that you are currently doing.


With the core being the central part of your body, Pilates focuses on this and the strengthening thereof. Movement and functioning physically in general are therefore directly controlled by your core, which compromises typically of the abdominal and back muscles, hence the benefit of this focus is self-explanatory.


Efficiency may well sound like a strange term to tie into your movement, however anyone who has experienced pains and aches for whatever reason will come to appreciate the difference of moving around with or without these aches. The training activities conducted within Pilates has the effect of improving efficiency by the previously discussed benefits, such as flexibility and strengthening of these muscles, the muscle groups and the body as a whole.


Prevention of possible injury is a great proactive step one can take, more so as one ages and even for those of us who are not as physically active as we should be. Muscle group strength, and the flexibility of muscles goes a long way in preventing possible injuries that may come about either arbitrarily or when unexpected exertions occur by mistake. An issue in exercising only specific muscle groups results in some of these groups being over strengthened whilst others are under exercised, and possibly at risk of easier or possible injury. Having flexibility and strength within the muscles and the body help alleviate, and often even prevent, the possibility of an unnecessary injury.


Most of us want to feel and look good. Effective conditioning of our muscles and bodies allows for this by toning our bodies and muscle groups for an effective, and attractive physique. With both the core muscles, as well as the muscles of one’s extremities being focused on, a holistic approach is taken for the conditioning of the entire body and all muscle groups required for effective functioning both in daily activities as well as any sports that one may participate in.

As can be seen Pilates has the ability of contributing in a wide range of benefits to you, your body and mind and your wellbeing. The flexibility of this form of exercise makes it accessible and approachable to all ages and genders and you can start immediately in the comfort of your own home, by using expert Pilates DVDs or consider joining a Pilates studio in your area.